I find difficulty describing myself as an individual... philosophically speaking, there is no need for me to be here, but as I happen to be alive, I don´t bother “creating” a few things! Why not? Or...

Probably I am not creative... not at all! Rather, I am just a biological machine, combining ideas from the meme pool with random variation to come up with new "creative" solutions to problems. Wait, I can rephrase it better... I don´t “create” but I “evolve” solutions!


2016: Be Creative by Porsche - Winner, Porsche Craftsman
Scholarship at European Institute of Design.

2017: Bruni Glass Design Award - Finalist, CoEv
Top 5 finalists over 1500 proposed ideas from around Europe. *Catalogized and patent pending. 

2017: Samsonite One size fits all - Finalist, Code Xtensive
Top 10 finalists over 152 proposed ideas from around the world. *Transferred intellectual property. Patent pending.

2018: Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Challenge. Powered by Nasa & HP - Winner, Education League | Winner, Interior Design Award, Algi: The Green Million City
The overall winner for the interior design category for the grant which had over 332 applicants from around the world.
A visit to NASA headquarters and brief with NVIDIA for future development in Huston TX.